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Thanksgiving 2020

Today on Thanksgiving, I’m reflecting on the lives lost during this pandemic. While Thanksgiving is different for me, It’s nothing like what other families are facing. I’m thankful to the first responders, healthcare workers, and scientists who continue to fight this virus. I also reflect on small business owners, people who are unemployed and essential…

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Meet Eleven!

Last Saturday, we welcomed a new addition to our family. Meet Eleven (aka El), who is an 8-week old dachshund. El is named after a character from Stranger Things, one of our favorite shows. She is full of personality and energy. Charlie is being a typical big brother and enjoys playing with his sister.

I Did It

This can cause us to be less motivated and then we begin to get lazy. People also suffer from mental challenges, such as depression which again makes people less motivated. We sit on couches and say “I will do more tomorrow”; and tomorrow becomes the next day and the next day becomes next week. I…

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Introducing 2.0

I’ve been blogging here over the years, over the years I’ve drifted off. But no longer! I plan to start blogging about new things happening in my life. You only live once and I want to experience as much as possible. I want to start hiking more. I’ve even thought about doing a hiking challenge…

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Apple Music Review

Apple launched its new music streaming service in June, and I’ve been trying it out since the launch. Before using Apple Music, I was using Beats Music, which was acquired by Apple more than a year ago. Apple has no doubt been working on getting into the streaming music service for a while now.