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I live on Bainbridge Island with my beautiful wife and our dogs Charlie and Eleven. I co-founded and currently serve as Executive Editor for Goopply, a community news website dedicated to social media, technology, culture & more. When I’m not working, you’ll find me spending time with friends, eating pizza (hint: favorite food), listening to music, hiking, or traveling. I also enjoying photography.

I use to talk on the radio…

As a young boy, I always knew that I wanted to be on the radio. When I was a little kid you would often find me in the neighborhood playing music with my karaoke machine even talking over songs intros and playing radio jingles. I officially started my radio career at a small community radio start in Lynnwood, KSER-FM 90.7. While at KSER, I hosted several different shows. In addition, I produced several different shows including the Everett Aquasox Broadcast. I started my first paying job at KRKO Radio 1380 AM in Everett, WA. I also designed and developed the station’s website. During my time there, I also worked on engineering projects including preparing the station for “Y2K.”

After graduating High School, I found a home at the University of Washington’s KUOW 94.9 FM as an Operation Assistant. While I loved working behind the scenes, I knew that I wanted to move toward being on the radio again. I would later find myself working on 92.5 KLSY as Board Operator and Producer of a nationally syndicated show produced in Seattle. After the station rebranded, I found a home in the morning drive time producing Murdock, Hunter, & Alice. During my time at KLSY, I produced the Make-A-Wish Radio-Thon which benefited the local Make-A-Wish foundation When the station changed, I departed and found a new home at 96.5 Jack-FM working on the Jack Street Team. I represented the station at concerts, movie previews, and on the side of the freeway.

I soon left the radio industry, as I wanted to stay in the Northwest. It was becoming harder and harder to find a job with so many stations under budget cuts and with several station’s voice tracking.