I Did It

This can cause us to be less motivated and then we begin to get lazy. People also suffer from mental challenges, such as depression which again makes people less motivated. We sit on couches and say “I will do more tomorrow”; and tomorrow becomes the next day and the next day becomes next week.

I was diagnosed with depression many years ago and have struggled with it almost every day. I take medicine and sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn’t. Some days are better than ever, and some days are worse than ever. Over time I’ve gained weight because of my depression. Over a year ago I started working on losing this weight that I gained due myself being lazy. But 365 days ago I said no more am I going to sit around and be lazy. I pushed myself slowly starting out at burning 300 active calories per day. Every Monday I increase this goal by 30 more calories. I pushed myself every day to smash that goal. I made it up to more than 1,080 active calories before my doctor told me to slow it down. I do suffer from a leaky heart valve. While it’s not a big concern, he said it was a good goal and I was losing weight. I took his advice and stayed there for many weeks. I did, however, lower my goal at times because I was sick but kept my active calories goal high and don’t use the excuse that just because I’m sick I can’t be active.

Now today, I reached another milestone and I have hit my daily active calories goal more 365 days in a row. You might remember my post from a few months ago when I shared reaching my active calories goal 365 times since owning my Apple Watch. Now I’m celebrating an entire year of reaching my active calories goal. And the challenge continues! No longer will I allow my depression to be an excuse for me to be lazy and say I’ll be more active tomorrow. No, I will push myself every day and hope that in another year I will be celebrating two years of reaching my active calories goal.

Thanks to everyone who has to help me and support me along the way.