Hitting my Move goal 365 times

I had a Fitbit flex before my Apple Watch. While it was nice, the fitness tracker in the Watch has helped me push myself. The fitness tracker has three rings and once you meet your goals you close your rings. I also like competing against my friend Roy who of course comes in second-most of the time.

I’ve worked really hard to achieve some goals with the Apple Watch and one of them is hitting three daily goals

  1. Burning 1,070 active calories each day
  2. Exercising 30 minutes each day
  3. Standing for at least 1 minute for 12 hours every day.

I can tell you it hasn’t been easy to achieve these goals and I spent a lot of nights walking around the island to make sure I achieve each goal. One night, I even started heading to bed 14 minutes before the end of the night when I realized that I was only at 966 calories. I put on my shoes and headed around running to achieve my goal before midnight. I hit my goal less than a minute before the clock hit midnight.

But to the important part: Today I hit my move goal 365 times. But that’s only 365 times since I got my Apple Watch. I’m currently trying to hit my goal 365 days in a row and I’m at 141 days so far.