Apple Watch Review Or Dick Tracy Watch Review

May 20, 2015

I’ve had my watch for a month now, a whole month, and I still can’t believe it to this moment. I ordered my watch at 12:01 am on Friday April 10th, and with luck, I received my Apple Watch on launch day. Rather than having it sent directly to me, since I live so close to a UPS distribution center, I had my order held for pickup so that, with my tracking number, I could pick it up as soon as it entered the city. However, that meant that I still had to wait until 10am for the Customer Service center to open.

I was also informed that my boss at my other job was receiving an award that day, and that the award presentation was right at 10am, Ugh. He is a good boss, so I he had priority over the Apple Watch pickup. The award presentation lasted somewhere around 30 minutes, possibly the longest I could be distracted from thinking about my Apple Watch. As it finished up, safely headed for my car and was on my way to pick up my Apple Watch.

I arrived at the UPS Customer Service center and walked straight in, though I ended up having to wait a few minutes for her to finish up with another customer, after which she asked the question I’d been waiting to hear all morning, “How can I help you?”

I said “Order to pickup for Matthew Evans”, and handed over my driver license. She then told me to wait one moment, and went in the back to search for my package.

While I was sitting there, waiting for her to return, all I could think about is that my Watch would be lost or missing. But to my surprise, and their credit, UPS still hasn’t failed me. She walked out with this very long, which didn’t seem odd to me at the time because at this point, if I had been wearing the Apple Watch, it would have showed my heart rate through the roof. I was dying to open it.

I got to the car…safely, locked my door and opened the packing box, just to take a peak at the box. I went “WoW,” I couldn’t believe it was here, so I quickly rushed home and opened it.

Inside the box was an Apple Watch Sport – 42mm Silver with White Sports band.

Now anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t, have never, and probably will never like white iPhones or iPads. So, why did I order a White Apple Watch?

It was a mistake, one I made when I ordered it at 12:01am, and by the time I noticed that I ordered white instead of black, it was already 12:05am. If I had tried to order the correct model, it would have delayed my Apple Watch for almost two weeks.

I went into an Apple Store on Friday to find out if they were selling bands for the Sport models and found out the only way to order one currently is online.

Apple Watch vs Fitbit Flex

Almost immediately after wearing my Apple Watch, I decided that it was time to part ways with my Fitbit Flex. For the most part, my Apple Watch will do much more than the old Fitbit, but at the same time, it still has some unique functionality I can’t replicate with my Apple Watch.

For example, I can’t really wear my Apple Watch at night because I am forced to charge it, where my Fitbit Flex battery will last generally 5 days before giving me a warning that the battery is low. My Fitbit also allows me to monitor my sleeping pattern.

Phone Calls

While this isn’t going to be your primary device for talking on the phone, being able to make phone calls from your wrist is a very neat feature. I’ve used this feature several times, and is very handy when my hands are full.


While you have a the ability to send an audio message from your Apple Watch, I only send text messages using the voice dictation. This is one of my most used features.

When I receive a message, all I need to do is simply lift my wrist and the Apple Watch displays my message with an option to reply back. I can choose from a list of preset messages, or respond using the voice dictation. While it’s one of my most used features, I do still send text messages from my iPhone.

Watch Face


I hope Apple continues to improve the Watch Face. I have two different faces that I use. During the day I use a digital face. This shows me a lot of information including calories, active minutes, and my standing goals. It also shows me the temp outside and my battery life left, and of course the date and time.

My analog face shows me the time, temp outside, and where I stand on my activities. It’s a very simple display, but not a lot of room for information, which is why I often find myself using the digital face.

Fitness Tracker

Apple Watch comes with a built-in Fitness Tracker. This is going to be one of the main factors that for people when they purchase their Apple Watch. Sure, you can pick up a Fitbit Charge HR and get some of the same features of the Apple Fitness Tracker, but one thing that you won’t get is the Dick Tracy Watch. You won’t be able to take calls on your phone and you won’t be able to respond to text messages.

One of the things I don’t like about the Apple Watch is the ability to set a goal for your daily steps. I’m hoping this will change in the very near future, but at the same time, I understand why Apple sets a “Daily Calories”.

Once you pair your Apple Watch to your phone, you’ll see a new app on your iPhone called “Activity”, which allows you to be able to see all of your fitness data directly from your iPhone.


Tim Cook said, on stage at the Keynote, that the Apple Watch will last about 18 hours. I haven’t even come close to draining my Apple Watch, however I do have to charge it overnight. I have gotten my battery down to 63% – so overall the battery life is pretty good for me. However, the more that you use your Apple Watch, the quicker it will drain the battery.

The Apple Watch also has a power save mode, if your battery does get low. However, I haven’t used this yet.

Final thoughts

Apple Watch won’t be for everyone; while still kind of pricey in some people eyes, it is sill a great device support with great tools. I can see this device being used for medical testing in the future and hope that Apple will continue to support heath research.

Moving forward, I hope to see the software improve and the ability to add custom watch faces. I think we might see an update as soon as June.

I will continue to share my thoughts via my Twitter account – @iammatthew – and through other social media accounts. In the meantime, please share your thoughts in the comments below.