I Ordered An Apple Watch

April 13, 2015

Apple Watch pre-orders went on sale Friday. The Apple Watch will soon be released on April 25th, so they have started letting customers come into their stores to try on the watch. These fittings are available by appointment on Apple’s Website.

Why I’m excited for the Apple Watch.

For years Apple has been rumored to be working on a watch, and since then I knew that I would want one, but it wasn’t until after Apple’s Keynote about the Apple Watch that really got me excited. I remember when I was younger and watched Knight Rider and Dick Tracy how I always wanted a watch in which I could talk to people. Apple has finally made this dream come true for me. One of the reasons I’m excited for the Apple Watch is that it’s taken them a long time to build, which means they must have done it right. Apple has a saying that they don’t release or launch a product until they do it right.

I chose the Apple Watch Sport over the Apple Watch. This was a really hard choice for me, but I like the sport-like bands, and I’m not a super fancy-dressed person. I choose the 42mm Silver Aluminum Case with the White Sport Band.

Pre-Order: I ordered the Apple Watch at 12:01 am on April 10th and expect to receive it on launch day.

When I ordered my iPhone 6 Plus, it was a bit of trouble for me. I was having problems loading Apple’s website, and the T-Mobile website didn’t even have the 6 Plus listed. I was late – almost 24-hours – ordering my iPhone 6 Plus, but still lucky,  since I received my iPhone 6 Plus on launch day.

Ordering the Apple Watch was simple and easy, and  I didn’t experience any problems. Ordering through the website was completed in a matter of minutes.

However, the actual shipping date of my Apple Watch is nearly two weeks past its launch. I was lucky though, because now the Apple Watch Sport model is pushed out until June.

App Store: Popular Apps are ready for the Apple Watch.

Apple updated iOS 8.3 for developers to build Apps for the Apple Watch. Developers have been jumping on this, and several of the most popular apps have already been updated for the Apple Store.

Apple: Bring on my Apple Watch! I’m ready for it finally after years of waiting, and in just a couple of weeks, I will be wearing my Apple Watch proudly.

I’m sure I will be very happy with my purchase and will be excited to share my experience here. 

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